LymeX Diagnostic Prize

A prize competition to accelerate the development of Lyme disease diagnostics

Five Phase 2 winners were each awarded $265,000 for their refined solutions for detecting active Lyme disease infections in people.

About the competition

The goal of the LymeX Diagnostics Prize is to develop diagnostics that can accurately detect active Lyme disease infections in people. The multiphase competition will nurture the development of innovative solutions toward Food and Drug Administration review. The first phase awarded $1 million and the second phase awarded $2 million.

At the discretion of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, and subject to availability of future funding future phases may follow and are expected to focus on clinical validation of diagnostic test(s) that detect active infection by Lyme-disease-causing bacteria, as well as readiness for regulatory submission and market entry. Thanks to a $10 million pledge to the LymeX Diagnostics Prize from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, $7 million in additional LymeX prizes are projected to be available in proposed future phases.

LymeX Diagnostics Prize timeline

Phase 1 was open to all eligible entrants to submit concept papers and plans for development. In Phase 2, 10 teams participated in a virtual accelerator to help them refine their concepts.

Competition launch

May 17, 2022

Submission deadline

August 8, 2022

Phase 1 winner announcement

November 4, 2022

Phase 2 launch

January 13, 2023

Phase 2 interim submission deadline

June 30, 2023

Phase 2 final submission deadline

October 9, 2023
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Phase 2 winner announcement

February 6, 2024

Prize purse

A judging panel recommended 10 Phase 1 winners according to official evaluation criteria. Phase 1 winners were awarded $100,000 each from the $1 million Phase 1 prize pool and advanced to Phase 2.

A judging panel recommended five Phase 2 winners according to the official evaluation criteria. Phase 2 winners were awarded $265,000 each from the $2 million Phase 2 prize pool. Nine teams were also awarded prizes of $75,000 each based on judges’ evaluations of interim submissions.


Note: No future phases or prizes are guaranteed beyond Phase 2. Future phases may be launched at the discretion of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, and any future prize amounts are subject to future availability and approval of funds.

$3 million

Prize amount awarded to date

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